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Single Panel

Single panel print. Simple and elegant. Decorate that blank space on your wall with the perfect canvas print. We know that there is no one perfect size and that is why we have multiple options for you to choose from. A well placed single panel canvas print can do wonders to your decor and add a bit of class or jazz to your space.



Two panels (can be horizontal or vertical or staggered) Use a dual panel to pair off two complementing images or extend an existing one and lend a touch of novelty to your print. Dual panel canvas prints are perfect for a variety of situations where you want to create an aesthetic sense of balance or symmetry.



Three Panels (can be horizontal or vertical or staggered) A three panel canvas print is a great option for covering a large space in a room either with a single image spread across three canvases or a series of complementing or related images that tells a story with impact. A perfect choice for wide panoramic vistas.



Four Panels (can be horizontal, vertical, staggered or square) A four panel canvas print provides for a lot of interesting options. You can be really creative and make your wall come alive. We can print a single image across the panels in either potrait or landscape format, or a series of images that you can place staggered as a series of related prints. Alternatively you can opt for a uniform square format to create balance.


Regardless of which option you choose, your IdioCanvas canvas prints will be of the best quality. Fine high quality UV Resistant inks on bright long lasting high-quality canvas, printed with high quality commericial grade printers, ensures that your prints will stay as sharp and as stunning as when you first created it.

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